How to Clean Shower Doors

Shower doors bring a delightful elegance to any bathroom. Many people use doors over shower curtains these days because they’re far more beneficial than a simple curtain. However, moisture, grime, and mineral deposits can build up on the glass and create an unpleasant look. There are many simple solutions to this problem. Want to know how to keep your shower doors annapolis clean?

Vinegar & Dish Liquid

Distilled vinegar mixed with a small amount of dish liquid is a great cleaner to use on shower doors. It works well on most glass, but don’t use it if your shower is made from stone material. This is a safe solution with eco-friendly benefits and amazing cleaning power.

Cleaning Pads

Cleaning pads are sold in the home cleaning products section of your local home improvement store. These pads work like magic to clean the glass shower doors without any chemicals or toxins needed. These pads are inexpensive, toss in the trash when you’re finished, and provide the ample results that you want.

Baking Soda & Lemon

Nothing says clean quiet like the smell of a fresh squeezed lemon. So, why not clean the shower doors with a lemon? Cut a lemon in half, dipping one side in baking side. Rub the lemon on the shower door. When the acid from the lemon reacts to the baking soda, it will begin to foam, leaving behind a great citrus smell in the process.

The Little Stuff That Matters

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Don’t forget to clean all of the small areas that you don’t usually pay attention to and the creases and the crevices on the shower door. All that you need to clean these areas is a toothbrush and the chosen cleaning solutions you want to use.  Clean these areas good and reveal a beautiful shower door that shines!